Christmas Island Flag Shot Glass
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Christmas Island Flag Shot Glass

Christmas Island Flag Shot Glass

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The Territory of Christmas Island is located in The Indian Ocean northwest of Australia, near Java Island. It was a Territory of Singapore before 1958. It is one of The few regions in The world except China and Singapore where The majority of Chinese people live.

Christmas island is an Australian overseas territory, and 63 per cent of the population is Chinese. Located 360 km south of Java, 1400 km northwest of Australia (10°30 's, 105°40' e). Area 135 square kilometers, population 1960 people (2008). The official language is English and cantonese is spoken among Chinese.

  • 5x6cm style shot glass

  • Measures 2.25" tall and 1.8" in diameter

  • Souvenir from Christmas Island

  • Very rare and hard to find item